Change is a necessary aspect of life. No matter how many changes you experience, you never seem to be ready for when they happen. You can turn change to your advantage by utilizing these three tips on how to prepare yourself for future change.

Discern Future Problems
When your life goes through a series of changes, there’s always going to be a mixture of good and bad experiences. While the good experiences are pleasant surprises, the bad experiences can leave you emotionally and/or mentally frazzled. To help reduce or prevent this shock to your emotions, it’s a wise decision to sit down and consider what problems could arise from this oncoming set of changes. Think about each aspect of your life that will be affected by these changes and then think of all of the possible consequences each aspect of your life could suffer as a result of these changes. While this may sound like a negative way to process change, it’s actually a healthy way to cope. Considering possible problems brought on by future changes will allow you to prepare yourself for the problems and turn them into opportunities instead of suffering through them as hindrances.

Plan Practically
If you’re lucky enough to know that changes will be occurring in your life, you have been afforded a rare opportunity to make plans to help you deal with those changes. You may be tempted to create grandiose plans that will see you emerging victoriously and unscathed from these changes while you’ve achieved everything that you set your mind to achieving. It’s important to embrace this type of self-confidence and enthusiasm when facing major life changes, but you should also practice practicality when creating your plans. Practical planning will help you form reasonable, achievable goals that will provide you with a firm foundation on which to rebuild and a boost to your morale.

Stay Focused
Change can make your life feel chaotic and out of your control. Not having a sense of control over your life can cause you to panic and make rash decisions or become emotionally unstable. When changes, big or small, begin to occur in your life, you must remember to stay focused on the end goal. Sit yourself down daily to give yourself pep talks. Remind yourself that you’ve been through several life changes before and survived. Remind yourself that change isn’t the end of something but the beginning of something new and better. Keeping yourself stable mentally and emotionally is the key to preparing yourself for future change.