There are currently approximately 7.4 billion people on the earth, with no signs of slowing down. With a growing population like this, it is not surprising to learn that new social problems continue to grow as well. From world hunger to increasing amounts of cancer cases, there are countless social problems that need our immediate attention as a citizen. In order to continue making strides, we need to work together to do our good for our world. So, how exactly can we get our world to work together for the greater good?

How Can We Do This Together?
Let’s think about a problem that has gotten significant attention in recent years. As a result of our growing population, there is more trash being produced than ever before, and in many instances, end up in the oceans. Without immediate human intervention, this problem could continue to pollute our oceans, which can significantly harm the ocean life. With something of this magnitude, how can the world come together to help our oceans?

To begin, the process of cleaning up the ocean is not something that can be fixed overnight but takes continued dedication. In the instance of our dirtying ocean, the world has slowly begun to work together to reduce waste. For example, large companies like Starbucks have begun making pledges to cycle out the use of straws, with the ultimate goal of eliminating plastic straws by 2020. Starbucks is only one numerous large corporations that have pledged to discontinue the use of plastic straws. The continued footage of the damage to our world’s oceans inspired these companies to begin a positive trend, and as a result, many others have followed.

When companies can come together to do something for the environment, it is not surprising to hear that it influenced similar pledges from both smaller organizations and individuals. For example, non-profit organizations that are committed to cleaning the ocean may see an increase in donors and volunteers following trends like the one from Starbucks.

Individuals who want to get involved, but not sure how can get in contact with these ocean organizations. Whether they donate their time or money, individuals can make a difference, no matter how big or small.

Social problems will only continue to pop up in today’s society as our population continues to evolve. To accommodate the growing population, companies, organizations and individuals alike should not only pledge to help our communities, but should encourage others to get involved as well. From the corporate level to the individual level, working together can make a significant, positive difference in today’s world.