In today’s society, the concept of helping others has only continued to increase in significance. From families displaced by extreme weather to individuals who were evicted from an apartment following a layoff, Americans across the country are in need of basic necessities. If you are interested in helping in some way, check out some of the family-friendly options below.

Go Through Your Child’s Closet With Them
With a new school year just beginning, it is not surprising to learn that many parents purchased new clothes for their children. This provides the perfect opportunity to go through your child’s closet with them to determine what clothes no longer fit. The clothes that you plan on getting rid can be donated to a homeless shelter, or organization that benefit children. This opportunity will not only help you clean out your child’s closet, but is also a great time to teach them the importance of helping others.

Collect Old or Unused Towels & Pet Toys For Animal Shelters
For many children, the idea that they can help animals in shelters is enough to get them excited about chipping in. Take a walk with your children through your neighborhood, and ask neighbors if they have any unused towels or pet toys that they can part with. Once you have collected enough towels and toys, take a trip to the local animal shelter with the kids. They will be able to see the difference they made while getting the chance to visit with the animals.

Help Your Child Put Together A Hot Chocolate Stand
An option for the colder temperature ahead is to help a child run their own hot chocolate stand for a few hours. The money that is raised by the stand will be donated to a cause of the child’s choice. After helping the children collect money and make the drinks, you can go together to donate. Like the trip to the animal shelter, your children will be able to see the positive impact that their work has on those who need assistance. In doing so, your children can become more aware of the significance of their efforts.

These are only a couple options for parents to try to help get their children involved in helping others. They will not only learn more about the importance of charity, but they will see what their impact is. Additionally, introducing them to philanthropy early on can help them understand its significance, which in turn can encourage positive actions in the future.