With so many distractions in life these days, whether it be through multiple screens or the typical hustle and bustle of life, sometimes the best thing to do is relax and focus on the next task ahead.

One of the key aspects of focus is finding the “center”. The center is the eye in the storm of the hurricane, the quiet relaxation that grounds a person, a neutral sense of being that results in all action taken being measured and well thought out. A racing mind, a reactive way of being, a negative perspective, are all things that result in the depletion of energy and patience, throwing someone off their center.

There are some exercises that are useful in order to get someone back to their center, and here are a few ways to do just that:

The core of relaxation comes from breathing. Yoga, stretching and even bodybuilding emphasizes taking the right breaths. Why else is “take a deep breath” such popular advice? When preoccupied, ones breathing is out of sorts and rhythmically sporadic. By breathing slowly from deep down in the stomach, the mind slows down and is able to think more clearly. Pay close attention and try to get lost in the breaths.

Place your feet on the ground
Another exercise based on a popular saying, placing both feet on the ground and being aware of them is something that can help draw energy down from your head to your feet, unburdening any complicated thoughts.

Be a tree
Standing with a straight spine, imagine a puppet-master from up above controlling movement. All limbs being branches, the feet being roots, taking a hold of the ground. Stand tall, feel the earth beneath and relax.

Walk slowly
Every step will be paid the utmost attention, every movement will be analyzed. Try to step as every slow breath is taken, and walk steadily. Do this for a few minutes, and if it is working keep going.

Let everything go on to the page, all emotions, fears, happy thoughts. All excess emotion pours onto the page, leaving what is essential and centering the mind.

Try a combination of these exercises, and hopefully, these will help focus all attention and energy on the right things just as you think things are going awry.