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From gardening to volunteering to taking inspiration from people she admires, Aris views each one of her interests as a moving part. They all provide their own diverse experiences and feelings, and yet they all work together toward Aris’ overall goal — which is to reflect on being present and embrace life’s essence: GOD. To join Aris on her journey and get inspired to make the most of your own, keep reading!

Aris is highly involved in volunteer work and considers it a wonderful outlet for her to embody the Christian values, words, and teachings that drive her. She regularly donates clothes or children’s toys, and puts together bags of supplies for babies who have been abandoned. She also donates internationally, helping to send health supplies, clothes, and shoes to a church-run orphanage in the Caribbean. In addition, Aris is passionate about the power of community; she donates to Haiti-based programs which allow people to cook free meals for their neighbors. Aris also seeks out opportunities to help people and provide care packages and supplies in the wake of disasters.

As someone who has always advocated for the power of self-help — and believes that every single person needs (and deserves) the chance to learn and grow — Aris also donates books to her local library.

On a personal front, Aris enjoys gardening in her free time. Gardening is a time to decompress from the outside noises and stresses that often distract us, and is a reminder of the natural wonders of the world around us. Gardening is a way for Aris to nurture life and help it grow. In her own small way, Aris also enjoys creating; she enjoys trying out DIY projects in order to make gardening materials, hand lotions, and more.

Aris is passionate about a variety of topics which inform the professional world as well, including entrepreneurship, technological development, women’s empowerment and leadership in business, and academic theories which better fulfill the needs and goals of authority figures and students alike.

While Aris seeks out her own purpose, she also draws inspiration from people throughout history who have found theirs. She is fascinated by music history and art history, and the way that people have expressed themselves and depicted the worlds around them via many different outlets.

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